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My Year, 2013, in Numbers

Some numbers regarding the ways in which my personal business evolved during the past year.

Last year was the first year in which I was completely freelance, without full-time employment or other jobs on the side. Because I really enjoy reading similar reports by others and because I like to compare my progress with that of other people in the industry, I thought it might be interesting for some of you to read about the evolution of my business during the past year – it is also interesting for me to put together some statistics!…

Advantages of flat design from a developers perspective

Easier and faster development.

The advantages and disadvantages of “flat design” have been discussed in thourough detail over recent months, but mostly from designers perspectives. I don’t want to flog a dead horse here and summarize once again why flat design looks awesome or horrible, instead I want to highlight some particularly nice advantages of a minimal design style from a front end developers perspective…

Updated Facebook Open Graph Images

Bigger in size and value.

Recently I was browsing on Facebook a bit and I noticed that the article Open Graph object is now displayed with reasonably taller preview images - well, at least in some cases. Since the information you’ll find about the new image dimensions is still pretty limited, I decided to write a quick and easy introduction…

The iOS Design Cheat Sheet 7

Everything you need to know when it comes to iOS 7.

With the release of iOS 7, app designers and developers will need to adjust their visual language to match the new "flat" design of iOS. In addition to the grid system, the dimensions of icons and commonly used elements, typography and iconography has been updated by Apple in many ways. That‘s why the old iOS Design Cheat Sheet that I published last year with the release of the iPad mini needs an update now…

A guide for creating a better retina web

Preparing the web for a new era of displays.

It’s been almost one year since Apple released the Retina MacBook Pro, the first device produced for the masses that is not a mobile phone or tablet and offers a screen with an incredibly high pixel…

Why I shut down the FireworksLab

Adobe isn't worth the effort.

On the 7th November 2012 I shut down my side project called "FireworksLab" which was a classical free design resources site for Adobe Fireworks files. It’s been a while but I finally got some free time to explain why I shut it down last year.

A different approach to charging clients as a freelancer

Charging clients like a doctor.

Recently, I was thinking about some ways to increase my earnings and also handle the increased amount of inquiries I’m getting every week. Since I’m charging my clients for the time I spent working on their projects (classical hourly rates), the most obvious way is to just increase these rates…

Going crazy with CSS3 Issue 3 - Creating ellipse shaped shadows

Resolution independent border effects.

In the third issue of my CSS series, I will describe how to generate ellipse shaped box-shadows without using any images and with minimal markup. This technique will help you, with just a few lines in CSS3, to build on a very popular design trend.

The iOS Design Cheat Sheet Volume 2

Displays, dimensions and icons.

More than a year ago, I published the iOS Design Cheat Sheet, a collection of useful data about iOS devices and things you have to keep in mind when designing something for iOS. Since the last update of my Cheat Sheet, a lot has changed in the world of Apple’s mobile devices…

Being a freelance designer

Status report after a half year.

Around a half year ago, I quit my full time job at a creative agency in Stuttgart, Germany. I went straight into full- time freelance work and I‘ve never looked back. In this article, I want to share my thoughts about being a freelance designer…

How to achieve pixel perfection in your designs with Adobe Fireworks

For those who care about real perfection.

When it comes to user interface design, Adobe Fireworks is an excellent tool for laying out your ideas and also for creating cutting edge graphics for your App/Website. Like in any other graphic software, there are different ways to create one effect…

The Endless Fireworks vs. Photoshop Battle

Not your usual comparison.

During the last months and years we have seen countless posts on popular Blogs about which application is better – Fireworks or Photoshop. In some cases this was just useless bashing of one product, whilst in other cases there were some good points regarding when and why to use one of these Applications rather than the other.

The iOS Design Cheat Sheet

Great tips to improve your iOS design workflow.

When you are designing a lot of applications for Apple’s touch devices like the iPhone or iPad you often have to follow some conventions regarding sizes or radii of Icons, Buttons or Tables…

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