A shiny new site – Redesign 2016

Because new is always better.

Two years after I released my latest website (Version 6) I started working on a completely fresh redesign. Today, I am launching a new website that most precisely reflects my philosophy of simple, yet bold and dynamic design.

A new design, same old vision

My old site was receiving tons of great feedback, was featured on various design award sites and since I launched it about two years ago, visitor counts increased by more than 10 times. Still, I felt like I needed to redesign to reflect my ever-evolving personal style and focus on a different customer clientele. I did not go full nuclear with the redesign this time and kept the simplicity, the previous structure and most of the content intact. This time, it’s a visual refresh, not a completely different direction.

In addition I’ve made a huge update on my portfolio itself. I removed a lot of old projects that are simply not relevant anymore (extremely outdated, dead projects or personal side projects that I did not have the time to continue working on, etc.), but also added a lot of my more recent projects.

Written from scratch

I’ve coded my new site from scratch with a focus on full responsive and resolution independence. The new custom grid system scales well from a tiny smartphone screen up to a 27-inch display. Due to the heavy usage of SVG, code-generated graphics and srcset images, all the illustrations and photography appears in full clarity on normal, retina and 5K displays.


After working with Kirby on various client projects before I decided to now use it for my personal site as well. It’s a stellar flat-file CMS and flexible as hell.

Colophon & Credits

Apps used

Sketch 3, Atom, Photoshop CC, CodeKit, Letterspace


If needed (not already installed on the machine), fonts are served via Fonts.com.

Standards, Languages, Libraries, and Preprocessors


  • Home page header photo by Olu Eletu via Unsplash
  • Blog page header photo by Volkan Olmez via Unsplash

Feedback appreciated!

Take a look around and let me know what you think, and as always, how I can make it even better.

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