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Managing mobile advertising campaigns on one of the world’s largest advertising networks.

At a Glance

For AppLovin, one of my long-term clients (since late 2012), I’ve redesigned the admin interface, which is used to manage AppLovins’ mobile ads that do reach more than one billion users per month.


  • UX Design
  • Interface Design
  • Front-End Development


  • Advertisement


  • Web Application
Expandable Sidebar Navigation
Side navigation

To ensure extendability of the three main sections (user acquisition, re-engagement and account settings), each section has its own sidebar navigation, which slides out on mouse over and reveals additional navigation options.

Animated navigation and tabs
Report Generation
Create reports

Advertisers can create reports of their expenses, revenue and many other measurement parameters.

Dashboard Line Charts

Reports are presented as interactive graphs with detailed information for each day of a running campaign.

Advertising Campaign Creation
Creating a new advertising campaign

Creating new campaigns is easy and fast.

Editing advertising campaign
Editing campaign details

The method for editing a campaign follows the same pattern, but to ensure fast navigation within a form that can grow quickly because it has many different parameters, there is a fixed navigation sidebar on the left that scrolls to the specific form part when a user clicks a link.

Quick edit hover card
Quick edit

If the advertiser just wants to adjust some of the most important data of a specific campaign, this can be done via the quick edit panel, directly from the campaign’s overview page.

Tabbed table
Tabbed Tables

Each campaign has set targets and ads that are presented with tabbed tables on the campaign detail page.

We have utilized Ivo for the design of our B2B corporate site and admin interfaces, plus we use him to do most of the html, css, and JavaScript on our site. Thus far, Ivo has been an amazing pleasure to work with. He’s much faster than other front-end designers or developers I’ve seen and his rates are incredibly fair. I would recommend him to anyone.

Adam Foroughi CEO, AppLovin Corp.
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