Managing assisted living with a seamless web and mobile application.

At a Glance

I designed, a Web-based application for managing medium and large companies in the field of assisted living. I set the style, drew wireframes and designed more than 150 different pages, modal views, and interactions. The result was an all-in-one application to make assisted living easier for teams and their clients in the German market.


  • UX Design
  • Interface Design


  • Health Care


  • Web Application
The Stream

Similar to social networking sites, there is an individual, customizable stream for any user to find out what’s currently going on within the organization.

Search results page

Users can search the whole database for contacts, clients, users, files and time management entries. All results are nicely presented on a global search results page.

User page

Every user on the platform got his or her own profile where he or she can also access clients, time entries, invoices, etc. related to him or her.

Editing a user
Clients overview

A single company often has to manage many different clients, while each client needs to reflect various parameters within the application to make sure all team members are aware of the client’s financial, mental and health situation.

Client detail page
Editing a client
Contact list
Address Book

All contacts, such as clients, users or external professionals are managed within a global address book that can be viewed, searched and edited by any user of a team.

Editing a contact
Setting contact types
Time management
Time Management

The heart of the application is the time management function, which tracks the time every employee spends with every single client. The collected data is searchable via simple and also complex filter types, can be exported in various formats and can generate reports about every single parameter.

Advanced filters
Calendar entries
Creating a new timing
Deleting a timing
File Management Dashboard

A global space is accessible for all users to share and edit files. The file manager can be set to different access levels to make sure every user only sees what he or she should see.

File list view
Organization Settings
Organization Settings

Team admins can create and edit organization settings such as contact information and the chosen feature plan as well as being able to access previous invoices and change payment methods.

Organization Billing
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