A macOS desktop application for the sophisticated stocks and funds investor.

At a Glance

Portfolius is a macOS application built to track the value of exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. I designed the user interface, prototyped animations and helped to build the front-end (Electron App).


  • UX Design
  • Interface Design
  • Front-End Development


  • Finance


  • macOS App
Getting Started Interface
Welcome Screen

When starting the application for the first time, the user is prompted to create a new investment portfolio to get started.

Stock Portfolio Management
Portfolio Overview

The main screen of the app offers an overview of one or all tracked portfolios. A line chart with additional indicators for buys, sells or dividend payments can be viewed.

Asset Allocation Overview
Asset Allocation

The asset allocation view offers a simple way to check if the personal risk tolerance and diversification is still in line or if it's time to rebalance.

Transactions Window
Adding Transactions

Users can manually set up buy, sell and transfer transactions. Dividend payments are usually added automatically, but in case they aren't due some data source failure, they can be added manually as well.

Transactions Overview
Transaction Overview

The transaction overview reveals detailed information about all recent transactions of the selected portfolio.

App Icon
App Icon

App icon representing a stock value graph.

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