Tee-Time reservation for the Netherlands’ finest golf courts and country clubs made easy.

At a Glance

For starttijden, a company from the Netherlands, I designed a web portal that allows users to search and book Tee-Times at golf courts.


  • UX Design
  • Interface Design


  • Travel


  • Website
Home Page Golf Course Search

Landing page which allows users to immediately start a search for a golf course with vacancies.

Register Modal
Golf course search index
Search Results

The search results are displayed in a list view and can be filtered by all kinds of different options.

Golf course amenities and details
Course Detail Page

When selecting a course on the search page, a panel slides in and reveals additional information about the selected course.

Reservation workflow
Reservations & Settings

Users can view their current and past reservations online, create a list of favorite courses and edit their profile information that is shared with the golf clubs.

Settings page Managing assisted living with a seamless web and mobile application.
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