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Business intelligence and data analysis for the hospitality industry that lead to smarter decision-making.

Geztio analytics dashboard

Geztio is a Swedish startup that helps tourist providers make smarter decisions and increase profitability through real-time access to previously unknown information about their guests.

Analytics dashboard Enlarge

Business analytics dashboard

Moving dashboard widgets Enlarge

Moving widgets by drag and drop

I’ve designed a dynamic, web-based business analytics dashboard that is highly customizable through resizable and moveable components.

Geographic analysis Enlarge

Geographic analyis

Table view Enlarge

Filterable large table views

Funnel chart Enlarge

Funnel charts

User settings dropdown

I provided an extensive style guide, including the most common types of charts, metrics and tables used in business analysis tools. In addition, I’ve built the underlying template framework that allowed the development team to rapidly build production-ready templates.

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Introducing the first collaborative case management platform for litigators.

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