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Mobile software suite to realize in-depth property real estate management.

Navility iPad app real estate management

Navility is a mobile software suite that allows real estate managers to administer, organize and analyze everything related to their customers' real estate. It is the newest mobile product by Domus Software AG and was built in close collaboration with 69 Grad.

Navility app login Enlarge

Login with 1Password integration

Navility app enter PIN Enlarge

Entering the PIN after returning to the app

Navility dashboard Enlarge

Dashboard with quick access to the most important parts of the app

The application was designed for iOS and Android, with dedicated designs and full support for mobile phones and tablets of all sizes and shapes. In total, I designed more than 300 different views and interactions, as well as an extensive components library.

The main control panel allows users to view all their buildings and check what’s happening and who’s in charge of any activities. Data and documents about renters, owners and service providers are securely shared within a firm and allow the team to easily collaborate.

Playful empty states and error messages

When a renter moves in or out of an apartment, a report is created by checking off all the items on an interactive, digital form sheet.

Protocol list on iPad Enlarge

Managing all reports on iPad (landscape)

Protocol list on Android tablet Enlarge

Managing reports, filtered by current status, on an Android tablet

Digital signature on iPad

Filling out the form is designed to be highly performant, accessible and fast. Renters and realtors can review and sign a protocol digitally and then automatically retrieve a physical copy via mail.

iOS PDF editing date picker Enlarge

Form fields invoke date pickers, selection lists and specific keyboards

PDF table of content Enlarge

A table of content allows the user to quickly jump to a specific section in the form

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