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Scalable, web-based reservoir modelling and reservoir management for the oil and gas industry.

Resoptima oil and gas analysis

Resoptima specializes in scientific analysis of static and dynamic data to provide scalable software for reservoir modelling and reservoir management. I helped them design and develop a design system that powers all their web-based applications, and I designed the interface for a new reservoir modelling software.

Resoptima design system

The Resoptima design system was built from the ground up to fit every user interface's needs for Resoptima's web-based products. It now contains more than 100 highly flexible and fully responsive components.

Resoptima login page Enlarge


Oil and gas fields overview Enlarge

Overview of active oil and gas fields

Users can generate forecasts based on an ensemble of reservoir models, providing forecasts with a realistic view on uncertainty. Studies and scenarios are presented in an easy to filter view, grouped by oil fields.

Empty scenarios page Enlarge

The empty state of the studies and scenarios view

Scenarios overview Enlarge

Existing scenarios and studies with options

Creating a new scenario and running simulations

Scenario creation is a process of collecting the correct data sets to run extensive simulations. An interactive table view allows users to filter, group, sort and edit control variables in bulk.

Resoptima analysis dashboard Enlarge

The analysis dashboard, presenting a quick overview of a simulated scenario.

Results list Enlarge

Detailed simulation results presented in a filterable list

Resoptima simulation plotting
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