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Mobile app to digitize your sneaker collection and get in contact with potential buyers & sellers.

Samla iOS App

Samla is an iOS app dedicated to help sneakerheads digitizing their collection, check on price trends and their sneaker investments, and get in contact with potential buyers & sellers. I've helped to visualize the founder's idea about the app design, user experience and public web interface.

Collection View Enlarge

Initial sneaker catalog overview

Scan Sneaker Barcode Enlarge

Scanning a barcode on a show box

Sneaker Screen Enlarge

Detailed overview of a sneaker in the catalog

Users can browse the catalog of more than 26,000 sneakers, search and filter extensively, or directly scan a barcode on a show box to quickly check what's up with a specific pair of sneakers.

Sneaker Collection Search Enlarge

Searching the sneaker catalog

Collection Filters Enlarge

Filtering the catalog

Price Filters Enlarge

Viewing prices of all available sizes via stockX pricing data

Collection Grid and List Views

Users always have a full overview of their entire physical collection, searchable, sortable, and with real-time price information. The application is suited just for collectors, but also resellers and investors.

Add to Collection Enlarge

Adding a new sneaker to the collection

New Item added to Collection Enlarge

New sneaker has been added

Entry options via contextual menu Enlarge

Item options are available via contextual menus, or swipe menus (in list view mode)

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